Why a Koi Fish

Koi is the Japanese word for “carp,” and refers to the large, colorful fish that have been bred and kept in ponds for centuries. They’re part of the mythology of various Asian cultures, and represent strength, perseverance and bravery. According to Chinese legend, all the koi in the world swim up the Yellow River every year to a waterfall at Hunan called The Dragon Gate. Any koi able to scale the waterfall is transformed into a dragon and lives a life of honor and luxury. Only the bravest and strongest koi can scale the waterfall. The koi that fail return every year to try again, with great perseverance. Strength and perseverance are necessary attributes for success in the PR world – particularly when working with the media – so the koi seemed a fitting symbol. On top of that, koi and many of the pieces of artwork they have inspired are just plain cool.

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