"I have worked with KoiFish Communications on a number of international PR projects, including publicity activities for digital consumer products including HD DVD at venues ranging from CES in Las Vegas to IFA in Berlin. Dean offers invaluable insights and cross-cultural communications capabilities and, above all else, a firm commitment to quality and excellence. In all our work together, he has consistently met our high-level requirements in respect for our brand, technology and product communications." Keisuke Ohmori, Group Manager, Corporate Communications Office, Toshiba Corporation
"KoiFish Communications takes a long-term approach to building relationships with its clients. They have taken time to understand all facets of our business and how best to work with us as we continue to grow and evolve as an organization. This has made them a valuable partner and a tremendous asset in helping us build our brand." Brett "Buzz" Chandler, Founder, Stalk Market
"For six years, Dean led a PR team that were the Marines of the PR industry, with the can-do attitude. His was the only agency that clearly was willing to not just partner on the planning, but to get into the trenches with me, get dirty and get the job done. They demonstrated that willingness time and time again, and delivered excellent results along the way. I wanted results, and I got them." Ryerson Schwark, Director, Public and Investor Relations, Mentor Graphics
"KoiFish Communications played a pivotal role in the reintroduction of Trader Vic’s to the Portland market. The team did more than just learn about our target audience; they became our target audience. They infiltrated the local tiki community, learned to make the drinks, studied the food, the art, the history and the culture of the culinary phenomenon that is Trader Vic’s and Polynesian Pop. This knowledge made them an invaluable part of the team and allowed them to create content that engaged, informed and delighted our most fanatical followers. The result was an onslaught of media coverage, lines around the block, and a major buzz around town that lasted for months." Ben Stutz, Managing Partner, Trader Vic’s Portland
"Dean gets us. He’s passionate about our event and spreading the joy of cycling far and wide. His experience as a rider and a communications expert translates into a constant flow of original and curated content that keeps the extended family of riders and volunteers interested and engaged year-round." Steve Schulz, Event Director, Cycle Oregon

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