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Social Media

The reality is, if your organization has been around for a while and has any sort of visibility, it probably already is being talked about – by people who really like you and also by those who don’t. But even if no one is talking about you, be assured that they’re talking about your industry – and perhaps about the problems you can solve. We’ll get you in the conversation. KoiFish Communications can help you navigate the turbulent and ever-changing waters of social media. We’ll work with you to develop a strategic plan and approach. We’ll help you determine where, when and how to best focus your efforts. We’ll help you control the conversation (to the extent that it can be controlled). We’ll keep an eye on your competitors. Best of all, we’ll help make it easy for those who are aching to sing your praises to do just that. If needed, we can even quiet the critics.

The Only Thing Worse than Being Talked about is Not Being Talked about.” – Oscar Wilde
Social Media Strategy
Social strategies based on research and a complete understanding of your business objectives
Content Development
Your content, our content or a hybrid approach
Social Media Advertising and PPC
Small investments in strategic campaigns can yield big returns; let us show you how
Keeping an eye on the conversation, the competition and opportunities for quick and artful responses
Whether you want to participate in someone else’s forum or roll your own, we get it done

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