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KoiFish Communications is a multidisciplinary communications agency, created to tell the story of your organization and build meaningful connections with your key customers, prospects and stakeholders. Using a wide range of techniques and channels, we reach them whenever, however and wherever they’re most receptive and likely to engage.

Members of our core team have many years of traditional agency experience – enough experience to know that in most cases there’s a better way. We’re smart and good at what we do, and we place a high emphasis on strategic counsel. We’re quick studies and do everything we can to get into the heads of your customers. Where possible, we do this by becoming your customers – or at least walking a few miles in their shoes. In fact, one client has referred to us as “method marketers” because we approached their business in the same way a “Method actor” approaches a character.

Why a Koi Fish?

As a virtual agency, we’re able to assemble highly customized teams of senior practitioners to meet the unique challenges of each client. By combining a core team of staffers with a comprehensive network of freelancers and specialist agency affiliates, we can offer some of the best talent in the business, at extremely competitive prices.

Dean Rodgers, President


Dean has spent more than 25 years spearheading strategic communications campaigns for leading and emerging consumer and technology companies nationally and around the globe.

He has worked at boutique PR agencies, mid-sized firms and large international agencies including Hill & Knowlton, Walt & Company, Benjamin Group and Weber Shandwick.

As an agency purist, Dean has had the opportunity to work with clients of all shapes and sizes. These include Snickers, Toshiba, Mentor Graphics, iStockphoto, Getty Images, Cycle Oregon, Cycle Greater Yellowstone, Trader Vic’s and many more.

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